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The first time I stepped into the world of Tourism and Hotel Management was in Konya when I had my internship at the Accounting Department of magnificent Hilton Konya, the very first five-star facility there. After five years of self dedication and hard work, I was offered a job by the accounting directors. This was the first step to lead me to make my dreams come true. It was a source of pride, and a beautiful path for mu future goals. I took the job with no hesitation whatsoever. The job was the inception of my career build-up, which was yet to take a new shape.

I had a strong belief that working for Hilton to get insights to the city hotel management in 2002-2005 in addition to my professional knowledge and educational background would make great contributions to me in the near future. I was making progress in this direction, with my dreams in my pocket.

… Then comes ‘RIXOS’...

Upon Hilton-Rixos transfer performed in 2005, I had the opportunity of getting to know Rixos family. The trade name 'Rixos' was exciting for me as it was known to have made significant investments and remarkable progress in the industry in a short time. The transformation was captivating rather than intimidating for me. It was exciting for me simply because it grew on a gradual basis, offered a set of innovations for its people's self-improvement in line with the growth strategy, and encouraged its people to undertake missions as part of such a great family.

I held office in every single tier and rank of Accounting Department of Rixos Konya since 2005 to attain my goals with dedication and solid steps for 9 years now. The company has enabled me t have all aspects of experience in this profession.

I worked as an Income Audit for August 2005- December 2005, Accounts Receivable in January 2006- December 2006, Accounts Payable Clerk & General Cashier in January 2007-December 2005, Chief Accountant in January 2008- December 2010, and Assistant Account Manager in January 2011- December 2011. I have been working as an Accounting Manager since January 2012 to present.

I go to work with a peace of mind and confidence every single day for 12 years since 2002 when I first stepped in the business world until today. This is a privilege for me. My responsibilities towards the company are getting bigger on a daily basis, and this encourages and triggers to me to do my job better.