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My name is Semih Elbaba. I was born in Mersin in February 1979. My father is Lebanese and my mother is Turkish. After having completed 2-year higher education in Libya (LAU), I began my career in tourism industry with the privilege of Rixos Hotels. I will mention below that this was the right choice for me.

Rixos Hotels opened its first facility in Belek in 2000. Turkey was undergoing financially difficult times back then and I was hesitant as to where I could start my career. When I was about to make choice between the industries, I saw that tourism had a lot to offer for its people and for the national economy. As an individual that is part of it, I decided to make a move. But where? As is known, Antalya was the heart and pupil of tourism even back then although it has had a great improvement progress since then. I began to search for ways to build my career there and learned that a new facility was opened there. I am not sure if it was the attraction of its name or its heavenly beautiful garden, I made a decision to start my career there. I remember saying, ' RIXOS will be the place where I will start here and will hand it down to the next generations.'

Time flies. We are in 2014 now and Rixos Hotels have become a globally applauded trade mark that runs and operates hotels in 2 continents around the globe. Our share in the growth and success might be insignificantly little in it, but we have always remained solid and dedicated to it.

I began my career as a bellboy in the 2000s, in 3 months of time, I had training as a Night Auditor to learn all aspects of the work better and to help the conduct of business. After a 2-year experience as a Night Auditor, I was promoted as the Front Office Shift Supervisor in 2002.  I held that position for 2 years and then continued with it for another year at Rixos Premium Belek, the very first 7-star hotel in Turkey. I continued with my positions as the Front Office Supervisor in 2006 , followed by Front Office Assistant Manager in 2007 for 3 years before I was promoted as the Front Office Manager at Rixos Al Nasr Tripoli in February 2010, which my first assignment in an overseas country. Following the Arab Springs that occurred in 1 year, my colleagues and I did our best to keep off the trade name Rixos from the uprising in Libya. It was then when I learned that running tourism operations was possible even in the most challenging environments. I had to leave the territory in May 2011, and was assigned to hold office in Rixos Lares for 6 months. I took part in the team that was assigned to re-establish Rixos Al Nasr Tripoli, and my 2nd term adventure for Libya continued until March 2012. I was selected as the manager of the Year at the 10th 'Let's Get Together' organisation during that time. I accepted the prize from the Chairman Fettah Tamince. I attended the Summit of Arab League that was held in Baghdad, the capital to Iraq, in March 2012. This is how and when I had the change of making a personnel contribution to the largest overseas organisation of Rixos Hotels. I had a unique opportunity of welcoming remarkable presidents. I would like to take this opportunity to give my special thanks to Rixos Hotels once again. After my post in Baghdad approximately for 6 months, I began to work as the Rooms division Manager at Rixos Sharm El Sheikh that was opened in Sharm, one of the most remarkable tourist destinations in Egypt in September 2012. I still hold that office proudly.  Together with my colleagues, I represent the trade mark Rixos with achievement and success as in the case of any other destination, and compete with international chain hotels.

In my humble opinion, success is being a part of a team that adds to the milestones of a trademark, born in its homeland and grows to compete with international trade marks, rather than building a career in an existing hotel chains.

Rixos Hotels has achieved this and allowed us to receive our share from happiness and self-fulfilment. This is priceless.

In the meantime, the Rixos Family has supported and encouraged me for my further studies by sending me to the Professional Development programme called "Hospitality Management' at Cornell-Nanyang University in Singapore in 2009, followed by Hospitality Advanced Certification programme at Ithaca Cornell University in New York in 2011.

I want to take this opportunity to give my thanks to my seniors and colleagues and the Chairman of Board of Directors that have always been there for me and supported me.