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We have been together since 1977. I, Yüksel Boynueğrioğlu, am with you and I am more than happy to be with you.  I understood the breath of life and health offered generously to all human beings in March 2010, which was a turning point in my life. After the surgical operation, life was full of obstacles for me. I was worried and had no knowledge of how it would possible become for me in my new life. I was unexpected and uncalled. I am not sure if anybody expects things like that anyway, but everything is possible in life. On cannot call a man happy until he dies. I now fully understand what these idioms mean.  I could not tell what I could ask from life and what people possibly could ask from me. In figures of speech in my profession: "No matter how much whipped cream you put in your life, it would still be unattractive for you unless you want to taste it." Yes, I had hard times, I had better days, but I tried to season it and thank for it at all times. I kept reminding myself that beauty was in the eye of the beholder.  I tried to motivate myself at times. I could notice how delicious water tasted and how saturating oxygen was. I saw that when I closed my eyes to the sun the world was in darkness only to me. So, I did my best to feel to my bones how bright and warm it was. As I saw that sun was burning to make me live, I began to look on the brighter side. I was supposed to hold on to my private life and profession.  I was supposed to better my mastery and put signature to more and more products. I was supposed to be spiritually and physically balanced.

I worked in couple of places until May 2013. I understood from the very first day onwards that I breathed the difference when I joined the Rixos Family as a pastry cook. I said to myself "A large family should have many members." That is how I arranged my steps. As my steps grew bigger, I began to gain speed and finally run. I was not tired at all. I then saw that we were all running together. I am happy here, and I want more because I sense that the Rixos Family wants more out of its excellent service quality shared with and offered to the rest of the world. Putting up the fight for living and making good efforts together with my team mates, seniors, friendly human resources and colleagues, in brief, with a nice family, in my working and social environment make me see how desperate the obstacles remain ahead of me. We are one of you. We are a family. We are Rixos.